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Estes Park Light And Power Prepares To Rebuild Power Lines To Glen Haven

In preparation for upgrades to the Glen Haven electrical circuit, the Town of Estes Park’s Light and Power crews began clearing trees and shrubs along the Town’s right of way last week. Beginning in May, crews will replace power poles and power lines along County Road 43 from the top of the switchbacks to a point near the Glen Haven General Store. Light and Power crews will work on the project through the summer months with completion anticipated in September.

The Town will not use any outside contractors for this major project. By using its own crews and equipment, it will save an estimated $200,000.

Light and Power crews will do as much live line work as possible throughout the project to keep power outages to a minimum. If it becomes unsafe to work on live lines, the crews may need to schedule brief, two- to four-hour outages. Affected residents will be notified of outages two days in advance with signage and/or door hangers.

Materials to be included in the rebuilding of the Glen Haven circuit are 68 upgraded power poles that are designed to be stronger and more durable. Poles will have eight-foot cross arms to hold the cables, upgraded from six-foot cross arms. Crews will also upgrade the power line cables, using approximately two miles of new heavy-duty cables which are more reliable, more fire-safe in case of a downed line and more wildlife-friendly. The new power poles will also be stabilized with stronger guy wires. Power pole anchors used on steep angles and dead ends will be upgraded from six to eight feet in length.

For more information, please contact Light and Power Line Superintendent Todd Steichen at 970-577-3601.

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