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Estes Park Green Homes Group Seeks Structures For Solar/Green Tour

The Estes Park Green Homes Group is accepting applications for homes, businesses or other structures for this year’s Solar and Green Tour. Sponsored the past two years by T.W. Beck Architects, the event is being expanded this year and will take place on Saturday, September 24th, along with an affiliated expo-both events rallying under one banner, the Sustainable Estes Green Living Tour & Expo. The popular tour will again be held in conjunction with the American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Home Tour.

Local participants are sought whose homes, businesses or other structures have solar and/or other renewable energy or green-built features, that are willing to open their homes or offices to neighbors in order to demonstrate energy and green building options and to help educate about energy efficiency, energy cost savings and sustainability. Only those parts of the structure that are applicable to the tour are expected to be open and volunteers will be available to assist and support the home owner during the tour. And don’t worry – you don’t have to be an energy expert to participate!

General Guidelines:

Almost any structure is eligible to be considered for inclusion on the Tour — homes, businesses, churches, etc. To be eligible for consideration, structures must demonstrate at least one of the following:

(1) Significant energy efficiency of design and system implementation

(2) Substantial “green” technology and/or building materials and components

(3) Overall sustainable design

Features such as energy efficient windows, recycled carpet, high efficiency lighting, etc. are not sufficient alone to qualify the home. A particular area of the home such as a remodeled kitchen that demonstrates numerous qualifying features may be eligible.

Of particular interest are features

such as:

• LEED certification

• Energy-star homes

• Overall high efficiency in terms of lighting, heating/AC, insulation/weatherization, water consumption and use

• Outstanding implementation of conservation practices

• Substantial use of natural/renewable, recycled or reclaimed building materials, especially those that are low VOC and non-toxic

• Solar photovoltaic domestic hot water and/or heating systems

• Solar-sourced electricity — total or supplemental

• Wind-generated power

• Geothermal energy

• Off-grid homes

For consideration of your home, business or other structure for the tour you will need to complete a brief application, provide photos of the systems and or features, and a description of the system or component (can be from manufacturer’s literature).

For more information call

970-586-3913 or email



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