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Estes Park Gets Cleaner And Greener

By: Doug Fox & Ron Kuhns

Estes Park is cleaner and greener this week, thanks to more than 120 volunteers who picked up litter and trash along its major highways, rivers and public parks last weekend.

“Rotarians, 16 local Starbucks staff and regional working management, Trailmasters, many community-minded youth and adults, even two dogs and a wild rabbit, took part in the cleanup Saturday morning,” said Ron Kuhns, chairman of the Environmental Committee of the Rotary Club of Estes Park, sponsor of the cleanup.

“We collected more than 160 bags of trash Saturday afternoon. It was an excellent example of what people can do if they work together.”

Kuhns said the volunteers ranged in age from six months to 86. They picked up litter scattered along Highways 7, 34, 36 and 66. They also picked up all around Lake Estes, along the hiking path from the dog park to Little Valley Rd., the Medical Center parking lot, the river walk from Starbucks all the way around City Hall, the Library, Key Bank, near the Egg & I, and the river from Nicky’s to Starbucks, for the Duck Race this coming Saturday, May 2nd.

The volunteer effort also will benefit Estes Park High School students. Starbucks rewards community involvement efforts. For 100 man-hours of volunteer community services, Starbucks pays the sponsoring organization $1,000. In addition, Shell Oil Company and an anonymous donor contributed an additional $2,000 for a total of $3,000-all for college scholarships for graduating seniors.

“We deeply appreciate all the volunteers who showed up to spend a portion of their weekend cleaning up the city,” said Kuhns. “Not only does the town look better, but our kids are the ones who will benefit from this. We also owe a big ‘thank you’ to Starbucks for donating coffee, pastries, its staff and money for the cleanup.”

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