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Estes Park Free Shuttles Hit The Road

The Town of Estes Park’s Free Shuttles launch for the sixth season, offering visitors and residents convenient, environmentally responsible transportation. Originating at the Estes Park Visitor Center, 500 Big Thompson Avenue, shuttles transport riders to more than 40 stops throughout Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Operating daily from June 25 through September 11, shuttles make it convenient for residents and visitors to leave their vehicles at a lodging facility or parking lot and travel around town during the busy summer season. New this year, an additional route has been added to service the new Fairgrounds Park-n-Ride. In response to community requests, shuttles will run 11 additional days in August and September and service has been extended by one hour in the evening on all routes.

The Estes Park Free Shuttle system consists of four routes, all of which bring riders to the core downtown area. The new Silver Route services the recently completed Park-n-Ride at the Fairgrounds at Stanley Park. The Blue Route services Big Thompson Avenue (U.S. 34 east of downtown). The Red Route services Fall River Road (U.S. 34 west of downtown) and the Brown Route services campgrounds and other establishments in outlying areas to the south and west of town.

The Silver Route shuttle leaves the new Fairgrounds Park-n-Ride every 15 minutes from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. to travel to the Estes Park Visitor Center, where riders can enjoy a short walk into downtown or connect with other shuttles. Convenient to motorists on U.S. 36, the Fairgrounds Park-n-Ride is on Manford Avenue and has more than 400 paved parking spaces and a bus shelter.

When necessary during special events, overflow parking and extended shuttle service will be available at the Estes Park Middle School/High School parking lot, 1500 Manford Ave. This additional parking, just two blocks from the Fairgrounds Park-n-Ride, was made possible through a special project by Estes Park Middle School students – the “Shuttle Bugs” – to encourage more people to ride the Town’s free shuttles. Signs will be posted at the Fairgrounds Park-n-Ride when the overflow parking with shuttle service is activated at the Middle School.

A map of the shuttle routes is available on the News Desk at and at For more information about Estes Park’s shuttle routes, please contact the Estes Park Convention & Visitors Bureau at 970-577-9900. Shuttles connect with Rocky Mountain National Park’s Hiker Shuttle, which also departs from the Estes Park Visitor Center. For more information on the Hiker Shuttle, please contact Rocky Mountain National Park at 970-586-1206. To receive Town news in your email inbox, please email


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