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Estes Park Firefighters Aid In Loveland Reservoir Road Fire

A wildland fire that started on Sunday four miles west of Loveland destroyed two homes, five outbuildings and several vehicles. As of Wednesday morning the fire had grown to approximately 710 acres and was 35% contained with 557 personnel working on the fire both on the line and in the command center.

Four firefighters from the Estes Valley Fire Protection District helped to fight the fire and firefighter Kelly Wilkerson got some amazing photos as he, Justin Kearney, Butch McCown and Derek Rosenquist were performing structure protection on a home in the area, clearing brush away from the outside of the house.

Authorities say the Reservoir Road Fire was caused by someone who was burning grass, leaves and small branches Sunday at their home, but the fire got out of control.

The blaze quickly grew to 600 acres on Sunday, claiming the buildings. Three Type II crews and 11 Type I Hot Shot crews were working on the fire this week along with four heli-tankers and several other air tankers on standby.

The extra resources, which seem to have been a huge help in fighting the fire, came from other local fire departments as well as from the Fourmile Canyon Fire burning in Boulder, which was fully contained on Monday.

Significant progress continues to be made in the containment of the fire and some residents have been allowed back into their homes.

Photographs by Kelly Wilkerson

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