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Estes Park Celebrates Our Own Gold Medal Winner John McManamon!

John McManamon of Estes Park recently participated in the Rocky Mountain Senior Games in Greeley, Colorado. The games were held June 18-22 and John participated in the 50-54 age category. There was a total of 808 athletes participating in this event and John won four gold medals at the games.

John’s gold came from winning the Basketball Free Throw and Three Point Shot competitions as well as Raquetball Singles and Doubles division.

John set the Rocky Mountain Senior Games record for free throws, making an amazing 18 out of 20 shots, when the old record was only eight out of 20.

John’s racquetball doubles partner was his good friend, Chuck Ramey and the two men have been playing in tournaments together for two years.

John has always loved sports, he played four years of college basketball, one year at Cleveland State and then three years at Avila College in Kansas City, Missouri.

By winning this tournament, John has qualified for the National Senior Games in San Francisco, California in August of 2009.

He will also be participating in the 2008 Motorola IRT World Championships in September at the Denver Athletic Club and traveling to the Kansas Senior Games in Topeka in September.

John is very proud of his accomplishment and has been training very hard for these events. Unfortunately, he recently suffered sprained and torn ligaments in his right wrist. The injury may have slowed him down a bit, but they did not prevent him from winning four gold medals.

Said John, “This injury has been one of the toughest things to go through due to my passion for racquetball.” He lost nearly a month of practice due to the injury. “However,” John continued, “injuries are part of the game, and they will eventually make me stronger as a player and a person.”

John’s ultimate dream is to represent the USA in the Racquetball World Championship Games to be held in France, Ireland, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands in 2009. Knowing John’s passion and love for the game, we know he’ll be there!

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