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EPURA Election Results

Registered Voters 3616 – Cards Cast 2207 61.03%

YES  1338 60.63%

NO  869 39.37%

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  • Charley Dickey

    Realistically, it was a landslide vote to abolish EPURA. Unfortunately, a Judge must now render a decision on the legality of the vote, since it has happened. If in fact, the Judge rules that the vote and abolishment is legal then EPURA just goes away. If the Judge rules it was illegal for the voters to abolish EPURA and that they did not have the right or authority to do so then the Mayor and Trustees are faced with a difficult situation. This is not an EPURA decision, this is a Town of Estes Park decision. The majority of the Trustees (6 out of 7) supported EPURA. It would take a great act of courage to stay true to their statements and beliefs, as professed. They must choose what they determine is in the best interest of all the citizens; those that voted, those that didn’t and even those that couldn’t but live here. I for one will watch the actions of the Board of Trustees and Mayor to see if they have the fortitude of conviction or if they choose the way of the wind. Those will be the ones that gain my respect.

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