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Elk Falls Into Empty Pool

A female elk wandered in to Glacier Lodge on Highway 66 and fell through a tarp covering an empty pool last Thursday afternoon, prompting a rescue operation by wildlife officers, volunteer firefighters and good samaritans.

The young cow landed in the bottom of the lodge owner’s pool. The pool was empty except for a foot or so of collected rainwater in the deep end.

The elk struggled to get itself out of the pool for about an hour but then gave up and waited for rescuers.

Colorado Division of Wildlife Manager Rick Spowart tranquilized the elk and slipped a pony halter around her head.

It took eight strong people on the other end of the rope to pull her out of the deep end of the pool and then hoist her three feet up out of the pool onto the grass. Then they moved her to a shady area where she was given a once over and a drug to wake her up. The cow recovered by the side of the pool and Spowart expects her to make a full recovery.

All photos and story by EP NEWS/ Kris Hazelton (CDOW volunteer)

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