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Election Sign Regulations

With election season rapidly approaching, the Town of Estes Park would like to remind everyone of the ordinances in place regulating election signage. The Town is charged with code enforcement for election signs in both the town and county areas in the Estes Valley.

The Estes Park Municipal Code regulates signage permitted within the Town of Estes Park. The Estes Valley Development Code and Larimer County Sign Code both regulate signage permitted outside of the Town’s boundaries. Estes Park’s Town/County boundaries sometimes diverge and regulations may vary street by street in these areas.

The Estes Park Municipal Code allows for election signs to be a maximum size of four (4) square feet in all residential districts and a maximum size of one hundred fifty (150) square feet in all other districts. (EPMC 17.66.070) Signs that are larger than stated above must have a permit from the Town. The code allows only one sign per lot and must be removed 10 days following the election.

County sign regulations allow for nine (9) square feet of election signage in residential/rural areas and 32 square feet in all other areas. The county also allows for an unlimited amount of election signs to be displayed. The County allows five days following an election to remove signs.

If you are unsure if your property is located within the town or county or if you have any questions, please contact Code Enforcement Officer Andrew Hart at 577-3860 or 586-4000.

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