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Efficiency Express Helps Estes Park Businesses Save Energy

The Town of Estes Park is rolling out its Efficiency Express program to provide small businesses with quick, simple and cost-effective ways to target energy savings and reduce energy consumption. The program will provide businesses with low-cost building tune-ups and identify top energy saving measures so business owners can begin to immediately reap the rewards of energy savings. Eligible businesses include those who are Town of Estes Park Light and Power customers, occupy less than 50,000 square feet, are on a commercial electric rate, and are owner-occupied or, if leased, have permission from the owner to participate.

The Town of Estes Park is seeking businesses to participate in the program and expects to begin visits to businesses in May. Funding is available for up to nine businesses in Estes Park for the Efficiency Express program. Interested businesses can find out more by contacting Barb Boyer Buck at or 970-577-3581.

Funded in part by a grant from the Governor’s Energy Office, Efficiency Express was developed in partnership with Platte River Power Authority to target small- and medium-sized businesses that often don’t have the in-house expertise or financial resources to identify energy saving opportunities. Participating businesses will receive a visit from an energy expert contracted by Platte River Power Authority, who will present personalized options to quickly improve energy efficiency. Businesses will receive a quick and low-cost tune-up of their heating and cooling systems, or other systems, to begin saving energy right away. The program will fund 75 percent of the tune-up costs, and the business owner will contribute the remainder, approximately four cents per square foot. If a capital project is recommended by the energy expert and the business owner elects to complete the project, free technical assistance and project management will also be provided under the Efficiency Express program.

“Efficiency Express is an innovative approach to target those quick and easy steps small businesses can take to start saving on energy bills right away,” says Adam Perry, Energy Specialist with Platte River Power Authority. “With one or two visits from an energy expert, a business could start saving energy and money right away and cut a substantial amount from their annual energy bills.”

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