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Earth Day Is Important Every Day

To The Editor:

The “Celebrating Earth Day is Elementary” article by Kris Hazelton of April 24 was a great example of how working together between a dedicated person, David Born, and a dedicated art teacher, Valerie Bowles, achieved a great learning event for a large group of students.

The colorful bags created by the students will be remembered, used and loved for many years. The things learned in doing the project will help the students be better citizens in the future.

The Community Thrift Store provided the funds for buying the bags, with some additional funds coming from the League of Women Voters of Estes Park. The work of creating the bags came from the efforts of the students.
We hope that 50 people came quickly to the Estes Park News office to pick up bags that they also can use when shopping. Bring your own bags when shopping and help the town and the League of Women Voters and

Community Recycling Committee with the CAST project.  Many of the stores in town are keeping track of bags used by their customers, adding to the tally we are keeping each month. It is a small effort that each person can do to help the environment.

Diane Burkepile
League of Women Voters and  Community Recycling Committee

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