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Dunraven Inn- Warm, Friendly And Newly Remodeled

The Dunraven Inn is a special place for many people. The restaurant offers charbroiled steaks, traditional Italian favorites, fresh seafood, fine wines and a full bar, all served in a unique atmosphere that only The Dunraven Inn can offer. Recently, The Dunraven Inn closed their doors for just five short days to make some changes and updates to their classic restaurant.

Owners of The Dunraven Inn for 17 years, Dale and Laurel Hatcher are pleased at the new look and invited everyone in to see the changes for themselves.

The restrooms were the inspiration to start the entire project. They wanted to update them and make them both ADA compliant. Now, they are bright and roomy and can accomodate more than one person. The remodeling in the lobby and rest rooms was done by Don Darling.

When you enter the restaurant, you can’t help but noticed all the dollar bills hanging in the entryway and bar area. Dale estimates that there are approximately $16,000 in the building. Hanging a bill is supposed to bring luck to the person donating the dollar. From time to time they remove torn, faded and worn dollars and donate them to the local charities. While the remodeling was taking place, they donated some of the dollar bills to Crossroads and the Caring Pregnancy Center. More donations will also go to Salud and the Community Café. Dale stated that he loves to support local causes and keeps the money here in town. Now there is lots of room for new dollars and markers and a staple gun are available at the host stand if you want to leave a dollar!

The dining room is where you will notice a big change and you’ll swear the room much larger but as Dale points out, they just took the awning from over the dining room and re-painted the walls. The paneling was removed and switched to a wainscoated wall adorned with the same barnwood that contains all the secrets its heard from restaurant goers throughout the years. The look enhances the window coverings which were upated last summer. It looks very roomy and spacious. Vigil Painting did the new texturizing and paint on the walls.

Last summer, Dale and Laurel added on to The Bird Room and now it seats up to 34 people, great for private parties or meetings.

The Dunraven Inn has become famous not only for our excellent food and service, but also for our unique decor. One of the first things you’ll notice as you enter our restaurant are all of the Mona Lisa paintings. Mona Lisa is our unofficial mascot and the original three Mona Lisas have a new place on the wall in the dining room. Those three pieces of artwork were purchased at a garage sale for $1 and were the inspiration for the other fun and unique Mona Lisa’s that adorn the walls.

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