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Duck Race Prizes Needed

The hunt is on for prizes for this year’s Estes Park Duck Race. Letters have been mailed to hundreds of Estes Valley merchants asking for donations of prizes for the 23rd annual Estes Park Duck Race to be held May 7th.

Last year merchants donated 764 prizes to the duck race meaning those who adopted ducks in the race had a 1-in-7 chance of winning a prize.

“We simply could not do the duck race each year without the wonderful support of our business community,” said Jack Vaughan, prize coordinator for the duck race. “Each year we ask them to step up to the plate and hit a home run and they come through like Babe Ruth.”

To donate prizes this year, merchants are being asked to complete the Prize Donation Form they receive in the mail and return it as soon as possible to Duck Central at P.O. Box 1226, Estes Park, CO 80517. The duck race will print gift certificates. Merchants who prefer to produce their own can mail them with the completed form.

Vaughan said donors have a great incentive to get those Prize Donation Forms returned early. Beginning with the April 1 issue, the Estes Park News will generously donate a full page dedicated to the duck race. This page will appear in six issues ending on May 6 and will feature prize donor names. When and how often a donor’s name is published depends on when the donor’s Prize Donation Form is received at Duck Central. For a donor’s name to appear in all six issues, Duck Central must receive the form by March 28.

“Our business people know that one good way to generate foot traffic to their business is by being a participant in the largest general charitable fundraising event in the Estes Valley – one that benefits community and charity organizations,” said Vaughan. “Gift certificates drive people to our stores and that benefits the local economy.”

“We really want to thank our local newspapers, too,” said Scott “Big Duck” Thompson, chairman of the Rotary Club’s Duck Race Committee. “Gary and Kris Hazelton at the Estes Park News are donating more than $6,000 worth of advertising space for the duck race this year. The Estes Park Trail-Gazette also donates ad space and runs our news articles and without both of these newspapers we couldn’t pull this off. KEPL Radio and EPTV Channel 8 also donate time to publicize the duck race. All our media sponsors are terrific partners in making the Estes Park Duck Race the premier fundraising event in the Estes Valley.”

Merchants are being asked to return the Prize Donation Forms as soon as possible and certainly by March 28th if they want to see their names published in the Estes Park News in all six issues. Vaughan said those who did not receive the mailing can request a Prize Donation Form by contacting him at


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