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DOW Seeking Males Who Shot Ducks With Blow Darts

Duck DartBy: Kris Hazelton

Rick Spowart, Colorado Division of Wildlife Manager reported to us this week that he is looking for any information on several males who were seen shooting blow darts at the ducks that live in the pond behind The OtherSide Restaurant and the Country Supermarket last week.
According to Spowart, three males, armed with blow guns, darted the ducks as they swam peacefully in the pond. One mallard drake was killed and the other, a mallard hen was injured. She is still swimming around with the dart in her head, right below her eye. See photo above.

Spowart has tried numerous times to capture the duck and remove the dart but so far, has been unable to capture her.

This crime is needless and cruel and every effort is being made to find out who committed this senseless act of animal cruelty.

Under Operation Game Thief, there is now a reward out for any information that leads to the apprehension of these males. A reward will be given if information leads to an arrest or a citation being issued.
Anyone who may have seen any suspicious activity, or has information about the case, is asked to contact Rick Spowart CDOW Wildlife Manager, at the Estes Park Police Department 586-4000 or by calling 667-2984.

The DOW urges people to call whenever they have information about any crimes against wildlife. Callers do not have to reveal their names or testify in court.

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