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Donations Being Accepted For New Equipment At Youth Center

To the Editor,

We have a local business and have the opportunity to live here. We are now raising our kids with the same issues we had here when we were growing up. What is there for kids and teens to do that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to the parents?

We would like to whole heartedly thank the EVRPD for supporting our local youth center and getting it back into shape after the sad recent events that have affected it. We see this as an opportunity for our community to step up and help to make the youth center even better.

Our company would like to kick off this effort by starting the donation process. With these funds, the youth center could get a new flat screen TV, a game console, games, a new computer and a vending machine for coffee and hot chocolate. These might seem like small things, but they can make a big impact for our younger community. We need to support a safe place for our kids to spend supervised time during non-school hours.

There’s even more we can do, bigger and better, that can help the community such as put a roof over the ice rink to help avoid melting so families can use it more. Maybe even a roof over the skate park so the kids can still use it when it rains or snows. I’m sure there’s even more we could do if we dream big for our kids!

Our company will start the Youth Center fund with $1,000.00, but we need the entire community to pitch in and help as well. We challenge our businesses to give and match us! We also would love for individuals to contribute whatever you can.

Our kids deserve this. Their needs are often times overlooked. We need to remember to include them, as we need our youth to live, prosper and guide our community in the future.

Please make your donation to “Friends of the Youth Center,” P.O. Box 1379, Estes Park, CO 80517. Or you can drop off your check at the EVRPD office by the 9 hole golf course on Hwy. 34. They are keeping the funds for use at the Youth Center only. Let’s appreciated what we have and strive to make it better now and in the future!

Rocky Mountain Escrow & Title

Jenny Northcutt, Tammy Elley, Michael Barlow

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