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Dive Team Are Heroes For Saving Elk From Frigid Waters

Elk RescueLast Sunday, a young bull elk, approximately three years old, fell into the lake located just off of Fall River Road.

Someone phone emergency dispatch and they contacted Rick Spowart, Estes Park’s Division of Wildlife Manager who had dispatch page the Estes Park Dive Rescue Team to help him out.
The Dive Rescue Team arrived on scene right away and assessed the situation prior to Spowarts arrival.
Members of the Dive Team found the elk up to his neck in icy waters, struggling to break free and get back onto the land or solid ice. He was also quickly becoming more and more distressed with the cold and onlookers.

Members of the dive team donned their cold water suits and upon the arrival of Rick Spowart, they were able to carefully move across the weak ice, grab hold of the young elk’s antlers and hoist him out of the icy cold water.
At first, Spowart didn’t know if the distressed and near hypothermic animal would live through this ordeal, yet after observing him, watching him warm up and begin to stir, Spowart was happy to report the raghorn elk soon warmed up enough to regain his strength and he trotted off.

The elk was in the water approximately one hour and Spowart gives credit to the Dive Team who were heroes in rescuing this elk. “If those guys hadn’t gotten there so quickly and helped get this elk out of the freezing water, the elk would have most certainly died. A big thank you goes to these brave members of the dive team who were able to help out this elk.”

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