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Dental Screening At Estes Park Schools

Dr. Robert Alexander, with the help of Kiwanis Club member Kathy Hale, checks the dental health of a young Estes Park student.                                         Courtesy photoOn Thursday, February 4, all five of our Estes Park dentists gathered at the Elementary School to provide dental screening for 102 Estes Park youth, preschool through eighth grade. Seven urgent cases were identified, 32 had no special dental needs, 30 needed dental treatments that were not urgent and 33 were recommended to have cleaning and/or sealants. The school is taking responsibility for follow-up with parents.

The dental screening program was a joint effort of the Kiwanis Club of Estes Park, the Estes Park school system and the dentists of Estes Park. A big thank you goes to our dentists, Dr. Richard Villemonte (SALUD), Dr. Robert Alexander, Dr. Eugene Oja, Dr. William Pike and Dr. Daniel Rauk for volunteering personal and staff time to this important factor involving the health of our Estes Park children. Dr. Oja’s office also provided dental hygiene kits to the younger children that were screened.

Special thanks go to Theresa Oja, the school nurse and Ginger Carnell, the health para- professional for their detailed organization of the event.

Kiwanis Club members helped directly with the dentists in support of the screening as well as assistance in escorting younger kids to and from their classrooms. Participating were Vern and Jeanie Mertz, Wayne Park, Jack Ranney, Bob Johnson and Kathy Hale.

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