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Crews Finish One Major Electrical Upgrade Project, Make Progress On Another

The Town of Estes Park is continuing projects to upgrade electrical circuits for more reliable service across the system, as well as to meet future electricity demands. Light and Power crews have finished work on the Fish Creek circuit upgrade, which began in July 2010, and continue a substantial in-house project to upgrade the Glen Haven circuit.

After contractor Selcon Utility finished its portion of the project burying conduit along the Fish Creek circuit, Town crews pulled new underground cable, transferred the electric load underground and then removed the overhead power lines. For this project, 47 power poles were upgraded and crews dug 16,000 feet of trench, installed conduit and drilled 16 bores under roadways. Once communication companies relocate their cables, the old power poles will be removed.

The Town of Estes Park will save an estimated $200,000 by upgrading the Glen Haven electrical circuit in-house. The project is expected to be complete in 2012. Courtesy photos

The Glen Haven project began in May, with Town crews clearing trees and shrubs along the right-of-way in preparation for the upgrades. The Town is not using outside contractors for the Glen Haven project. By using its own manpower and equipment, the Town will save an estimated $200,000. The project is expected to be complete in 2012.

The Glen Haven project includes upgrading 68 power poles and installing 12,430 feet of new line in rugged terrain. The work extends along Co. Rd. 43, from the top of the switchbacks to near the Glen Haven General Store. Crews will install nearly two miles of heavy duty power line cables which are more reliable, more fire-safe in case of downed lines, and more wildlife-friendly. The new power poles will be stabilized with stronger guy wires and power pole anchors that are eight feet rather than six feet in length. Crews do as much live line work as possible throughout the project to keep power outages to a minimum. Residents are notified of outages two days in advance with signage and/or door hangers.

In addition to these circuit upgrades, the Town has initiated several projects to increase electrical service reliability for Estes Park Light and Power customers. These include upgrades to the Marys Lake Substation in 2008, upgrades to the Beaver Point and Peakview circuits, and the 2009 underground utility crossing at the Marys Lake Road bridge. For more information, please contact Light and Power Superintendent Todd Steichen at 970-577-3601, or visit To receive Town news in your email inbox, please email

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