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Cowboy Mounted Shooters June 22 & 23 At Fairgrounds

Cowboy-ShootersThere will be a rip roarin’ action packed Cowboy Mounted Shooting Show at the Fairgrounds at Stanley Park this weekend.

Watch as men and women sharpshooters try to hit targets while riding by on horses. They use two .45 caliber, single-action revolvers shooting blanks with the blast force breaking the balloons. They compete for most targets hit during the shortest amount of time.

The show, put on by Colorado Mounted Thunder will be fun for the entire family combining skills of horsemanship and target shooting with the added adrenaline rush of racing the clock.

If you like fast horses and guns you will love this exciting Western show.

You may be wondering, is it safe? Glad you asked! Yes, it’s very safe-participants always observe the typical safety rules where guns are concerned. Also, these are black powder .45 caliber guns that don’t use bullets like ordinary guns. It’s safe, and it’s about the most fun you’ll ever watch on horseback.

Shows begin daily at 10 a.m. and admission is free!

The fairgrounds is located at 1209 Manford Ave, Estes Park.

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