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County Property Owners Annex To The City? No!

To The Editor:

A few of the reasons local politicians want annexation:

“To increase tax revenue.”

“Big and strong enough to be a key community in the Front Range.”

“Become an economic giant.”

“A bigger board of trustees”

“Improvement in the tourist trade” – (because they would have more of our tax money to spend on marketing.)

Why are any of the above a positive for county property owners?

Politicians admit that:

To annex would require roads and utilities brought up to town standards which those newly annexed would be required to pay for.

“Would require increased staffing levels for infrastructure and an additional $13 million for startup with an ongoing $4 million annually.”

Property taxes of all residents would greatly increase so as to pay for the increased infrastructure of a larger government.

In return for paying higher property taxes, these newly annexed city residents would have more rules, codes and regulations to live with – while at the same time having our property rights reduced.

Why would anyone want to pay higher taxes for more government regulations and spending in return for reduced property rights? Interested in forming an ANTI Annexation committee? I am.

Judy Archibald

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