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Coolest Car Show In Colorado Returns To Estes Park For The Tenth Year!

The Fourth of July in Estes Park always includes a brilliant display of fireworks which is preceded by a brilliant daytime display of transportation heritage which will be held in Bond Park from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The Coolest Car Show in Colorado attracts over 100 examples of this heritage in the form of automobiles, classic trailers, fire engines, tractors, rat rods, modified cars and hot rods.

The event takes place in a friendly setting of families, visitors and car owners which spurs memories for all. As part of Estes Park’s Independence Day festivities, the Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation sponsors this show to raise money which supports the mission of expanding people’s knowledge of Estes Valley history. Each year the Estes Park Car Club takes on the responsibility of staging this event, which brings cars from all over Colorado and from the neighboring states of Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, and Utah.

Marty Casey, President of the Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation Inc., said, “This event is a perfect example of bringing history alive and at the same time contributing to projects such as the production of the DVD of Alex Drummond’s re-enactment of Enos Mills which is now available. Without this event, such undertakings to expand the offerings associated with the Museum of the Town of Estes Park, would not be possible.” The goal each year is to raise over $10,000 through car registrations and donations at the gates. So far, people have responded to this effort with their attendance.

Merchants and sponsors have been a major factor in the success of the Coolest Car Show. NAPA and State Farm Insurance  have been major sponsors for two years running. Contributions from Peak-to-Peak American Grill, The Dunraven Inn, image “inhancement” inc., Mountain Imports, Westover Construction, Murray & Sons Automotive, The Inn of Glen Haven, The Gold Mine, Bank of Colorado and Garrett International Management Consultants help defray costs, thereby increasing the value of proceeds to the Museum.
Alma Hix, President of the Estes Park Car Club, commented that “Each year the array of cars, the variety from hot rods to the very old classics, including those interesting trailers and tractors, creates an exciting show that always spurs memories of my own family’s early automobiles when I was growing up. It’s just a great show and so pleasing to meet people from all over the US and visitors from other countries who are in Town that day.”

In Estes Park people always expect to see a Stanley Steamer, thanks to our heritage of F.O. Stanley. The Steam Team, in conjunction with the Stanley Museum in Lower Stanley Village, is keeping this heritage alive all year long by maintaining working and running examples of steam cars in Estes Park. Attendees to this show can expect to see at least one Stanley Steamer this year, as well.

The Show has achieved a position of respect and enjoyment for past years’ car owners. “The number of repeat folks who bring their cars back each year is astounding,” said Chuck Bonza, Vice President of the Estes Park Car Club and this year’s Event Coordinator. “I think it is due to the way we make everyone feel welcome, our wide range of awards sponsored by local merchants, and the camaraderie that is felt in the Park during the day. Exhibitors find another way to have a special Independence Day in sharing their cars with us during the Coolest Car Show each year.”

When the show starts, three gates into the Park are opened. One notices right away the big old red REO truck belonging to the Town of Estes Park next to one of the gates. Donations for admission are $4.00 for adults, $2.00 for children under six, or a full family may enter for $10.00 maximum. For information, contact Chuck Bonza or Elaine Hunt-Downey at the Museum at 970-586-6256. Come on out and enjoy Independence Day in Bond Park at the Coolest Car Show in Colorado!

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