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Convince Me!

To The Editor:

Estes Park Medical Center representatives have discussed plans for the proposed Anschutz Wellness Center in Estes Park. I attended a few of these presentations. There are many questions still to be answered. I could not find a business plan or feasibility study on the Estes Park Medical Center or Park Hospital Foundation website. These documents should be placed at the Estes Valley Library so people can easily access them. It leads me to believe plans have not been carefully thought out.

There was a study done by CSU at the request of the Estes Park Economic Development Corporation, but information submitted to CSU does not appear to be what I have heard at the presentations. I don’t even know how relevant their conclusions are.

The Estes Park Medical Center has made many poor choices in the past, and I have not seen anything that convinces me this latest endeavor will not be another poor idea. I like our doctors, and I would like to see our hospital remain the best hospital for the residents in our community. Visitors who need medical care during their visit should also get good care. This is not asking a lot. If you want to bring people here, show me that large numbers of people will come from October through May. We have enough people who come in the summer months.

I have looked at the Aurora Anschutz Wellness Center website. The videos don’t work properly, and what I read did not fit the circumstances of people who might come here from 4 to 14 days. Their programs are geared to long-term assistance to people. Convince me that an Anschutz Wellness Center is good for Estes Park!

Johanna Darden


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