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Considering Running For Trustee

To The Editor,

I’m Town resident Mark Elrod.  On February 11, 2010, I attended the Town Trustee Candidates Forum. I am considering a run for the position of Town Trustee. “Considering” being the operative word. I think it would be presumptuous of any candidate to assume that our 3,800+ registered Town voters want a change in representation on our Town Board. But I would like to know what they think before making a decision.

During calendar year 2009 through present I’ve personally attended nearly every Trustees’ Board Meetings and Study Sessions; Community Development Committee Meetings; Board of Adjustment Meetings; and Planning Commission Meetings and Study Sessions. I’ve had the opportunity to provide comments and suggestions at one time or another to all of them. I strongly believe in the public’s right to offer constructive criticisms and opinions. That is why I am interested in knowing what our Town’s voters believe now.

Do you think change is even necessary?  What do you think are the most important issues facing our Town’s Trustees? How would you rank the issues in importance? Do you have suggestions for improving Town’s services? What, if any, changes to the Town’s website would make it more useful for you? Before becoming a candidate for Town Trustee what do you think I should know or consider?

Town registered voters please contact me as quickly as possible.  I can be reached by mail at 675 Summerset Court (80517); messages can be left on my home voice mail (970) 586-1605; or perhaps the quickest by e-mail to In advance I thank our Community for sharing their thoughts and opinions with me.

Mark Elrod

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