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Community Meeting For Big Thompson River Property Owners

The Board of Larimer County Commissioners will hold a community meeting to listen to  citizen input concerning Big Thompson River Properties and associated options regarding  fishing access and the Hayden Subdivision on Monday, March 30, from 7-9 p.m. at the Drake Community Building, 1479 Big Thompson Canyon Road, Drake, Colorado.

Please visit the Larimer County web site at for information on the Hayden Subdivision Proposal.

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  • rick moss

    I SUPPORT Larimer County maintaining public fishing access to the Big Thompson River.

    Millions of tourists come to Rocky Mountain Nat’l. Park every year, and many of those tourists fish in the Big Thompson River every year – generating revenue for local businesses and Colorado. In addition, thousands of Coloradoans fish in the Big Thompson every year – generating more revenue for local businesses and Colorado.

    I think the county made a mistake when they started selling “condemned” properties to private people a few years ago. WHY? Because originally those properties were “condemned” after the 1976 flood to prohibit people from re-building structures that were more than 50% destroyed by the flood.

    Now I see portable buildings and camper trailers springing up on these properties, and they are going to cause the SAME PROBLEMS the next time the river floods. These trailers and portable buildings are going to float downstream and lodge in bridges, etc., and the people that happen to be staying in them at the time will also drown.

    KEEP “condemned” properties in government ownership, and keep them open for public access!

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