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Community Center Will Instill Pride

I have often scratched my head and wondered why my family and I were leaving our paradise in Estes Park and drive to a town in the Valley so we could go to a fun pool for our toddler. I am excited to see the price of a tank of gas to travel out of town, roughly $60, will be spent on our town, on a new community center.
I am also excited to see an improved youth center included in the new complex. The current youth center has deserved a renovation for many years, and I believe it is a great idea to house it within a place where our teens will see other adults from our community attending classes, exercising, discussing and sharing ideas; in other words staying young.

A community center will improve the quality of life of anyone interested in taking classes, exercising, mentoring youth or raising a family in Estes. Our community took a great risk in voting on the necessary bonds and mill levies required to remodel of our schools. It paid-off; there is a tangible sense of increased pride in our student body at the high school after the remodel. Students are excited to be there and are excited to take part in their education. A new community center would instill the same sense of pride in our town. Vote “yes” for a community center!

Thad Eggen

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