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Community Center Gets Another “Yes” Vote

To The Editor:

Like most of the residents in Estes Park, I take real pride in this beautiful little mountain town. And, as a permanent and invested member of this community, I desire to see Estes grow and thrive in wholesome and healthy ways… I think it’s also important that we seek to make sound choices for the future of our town with the intent of creating a higher quality of life- for all of us. I don’t think there are many who would disagree with any of this. With that said, I believe that Estes Park residents and voters, have the opportunity to make a choice this fall that would help towards achieving these goals. I would like to passionately enlist you to be an advocate for the proposed Community Center.

Like so many things in life, I think that it’s important that Estes is a “balanced” community. As this pertains to people, I think life is always more harmonious, happy and secure when a person is able to maintain balance in their life. This community has long been a retirement town. And quite frankly, it is the desire of my husband and I to one day be retirees here as well. But I think it’s important that there are different age groups, family units, individuals, and economic levels represented in the decision-making and character of any community. If a community is balanced, then decisions will represent more then just one segment of that community. I believe that the proposed Estes Park Community Center will absolutely encourage and service this type of population.

Residents need to feel that their community cares about them, and that there are services available to them. The center would be available to all segments of our community -families, youth, retirees and others. The center could literally be a “one stop” place for seeking a variety of support, information and services. Having such a facility actually promotes a better quality of life for its residents. In turn, this makes a community a more desirable place to live and promotes long-term invested revenue in our town. It would be an opportunity for our town to really “come together”- in so many positive ways… I think that in choosing the community center, we will be voting for something truly valuable to us all- now and in the future… Please vote yes for an Estes Park Community Center!!!

Holly Daley

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