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Community Center Gets A “Yes”

To the Editor:

As Grandparents we consider ourselves very fortunate to be part of the Estes Park community. The possibilities and opportunities for our young grandchildren here are tremendous. We believe that year round recreation facilities and programs are an important part of any community but especially for our youth. Indoor recreation facilities for all age groups is one area sorely lacking in Estes Park. We also see a need for upgrades to certain outdoor sites – Stanley Park and Lake Estes restrooms.

The Estes Valley Recreation and Parks District (EVRPD) which successfully oversees the many existing recreation programs in the area has proposed a comprehensive plan for improvements to existing facilities as well as construction of a new community center on the site of the former Elementary School. The funding of these projects will be included on the November 4th ballot as Issue 4C and 4D. We urge all area residents to vote “YES” for these ballot issues.

The proposals will have minimal financial impact on taxpayers and will provide valuable long term improvements. The EVRPD Plan is supported by Citizens for Community and Recreation, a volunteer group that is promoting area recreation programs. Their Web site: outlines the details of all the proposed projects as well as the costs and tax impact to us residents. This information helped us better understand how these recreation improvements will be a solid step forward for Estes Park. EVRPD has long demonstrated that it can carry out successful recreation programs with the backing of hundreds of volunteers. They deserve our support.

We are excited about the possibility of a Community Center as well as the many other improvements and look forward to using these facilities with our children and grandchildren for many years to come.  Let’s get behind this.

Mike & Donna Egan

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