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Community Center A Place For All To Enjoy

To The Editor:

As with most people, I think back to my childhood days with fond memories. The summer was spent hanging out at our neighborhood pool with friends and family. After school we would get together with all of the neighborhood kids and play kick the can, kickball, or baseball in the cul-de-sac, coming home when the street lights came on or when my parents rang this huge, very loud, bell that hung on our porch. The whole neighborhood knew when the Cenac kids were being called home. What was nice was that we knew that we belonged. Estes Park has very few streetlights and even fewer sidewalks or cul-de-sacs. Its neighborhoods are not filled with kids of the same age.

Kids of the same age are spread apart in different neighborhoods. We have months of weather that are not conducive to outdoor play and we even have wildlife issues that prevent parents from letting younger children play outside until dusk. What we do have in this community, that makes it unique, is its diversity of ages and life experiences. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have one place where all the members of this community could go and feel like they belong?

We all live here because we love Estes Park, but it can be difficult with a young family. I am sure that everyone understands that if we want to keep good doctors, teachers and other professionals living and working in Estes Park that we need to have areas for family recreation and entertainment. We used to have a ski area. We don’t have that anymore. We do have a pool, which is a fantastic asset to the school and the community. It is costly to run and the Rec. District and the School District have an equitable agreement that automatically renews for five years if the Recreation District finds the funds. We absolutely need to keep this great asset.

I realize that the economy has made things tight. Being a homeowner and a business property owner, any property tax increase hits me harder financially than most but I also know that in times like these, it is important to keep focused on what is important in life and what is key to keeping a healthy community. Please, vote yes for 4C and 4D. Vote yes for Estes Park.

Marie Richardson
Estes Park, Colorado

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