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Committee For Responsible Government Status

Dear Editor:

As most people are aware, the Larimer County District Court has ruled in the case regarding EPURA and the Town of Estes Park. It has in effect overturned the Town’s rejection of an initiative that would allow the people to vote on the conditions that would establish or continue an Urban Renewal Authority. This decision reaffirms the Constitutional Right of people to be able to vote on matters involving their tax money and this right is not one that can be denied by the government

Many people have asked about the details and what happens next. We have asked the Town to certify our petition and notify us as to the number of signature require to reach the ballot. The Town Board said it would consider the issue in executive session at it’s March 24th meeting. We are hopeful that it will adhere to the Court’s ruling.  It is important to recognize that signing a petition is not in any way a vote either for or against EPURA, but by getting enough signatures the issue becomes public and an open debate of the merits can then occur and people will have an understanding of EPURA that will allow them to make up their minds

Our Estes Valley taxing entities and many businesses and individuals as well as the nation are facing unprecedented economic challenges. It is our belief that the impact of EPURA’s tax diversion for the next 25 years needs to be understood. The initiative process can only increase understanding, openness and accountability, regardless of what voters ultimately decide.

If you would like to help with this project please contact:
Bill Van Horn
P.O. Box 1
Estes Park, CO 80517

There will be future notification of organizational meeting times and places so that people can participate.

Bill Van Horn, Committee for Responsible Government

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