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Committee Continues To Draft Voluntary Historic Preservation Ordinance

Town Board to review draft at November 9 study session

The citizen-led Historic Preservation Ordinance Committee continues to draft a proposed voluntary historic preservation ordinance (HPO) for Estes Park and is scheduled to present a draft to the Town Board at its November 9 study session. The general purpose of an HPO would be to better document and preserve the unique character and history of Estes Park by allowing Town property owners who wish to participate to have their homes and business buildings recognized as Local Historic Landmarks. In addition, an HPO might allow participating property owners to expedite access to financial and other benefits of Landmark designation.

At the November 9 study session, the committee will present the draft HPO to the Town Board for consideration. If the town board decides to move forward with an ordinance, a public process will be set before any HPO is enacted. Community members are encouraged to attend the study session, although public comment will be scheduled for a later date. The study session time, location, agenda and packet including the draft HPO will be available by 5 p.m. on Friday, November 5 at A print copy will be available at the Town Clerk’s office in Room 150 of Town Hall and at the Estes Valley Library.

The Colorado Historical Society reports that 112 local governments in Colorado currently have a historic preservation ordinance. After reviewing 30 HPOs from other communities, the committee chose seven of the documents to specifically reference while creating a draft HPO for the citizens of Estes Park. Committee Chairman John Baudek noted that the committee carefully chose aspects of other communities’ HPOs based on which seem to fit for Estes Park. He continued, “Our guiding principles are to keep it simple and keep it voluntary for property owners.”

The HPO committee began work July 30 after the Town Board approved its formation. Since that time, the members have met 13 times and spent many hours working on the draft ordinance and reviewing relevant information from the federal, state and county governments. HPO committee members are Chairman John Baudek, Vice Chairman Ron Norris, Paula Steige, David Tanton, Bill Van Horn and Sharry White. Estes Park Historian Laureate Jim Pickering serves as an advisor to the committee, Trustee Jerry Miller serves as liaison to the Town Board and Estes Park Museum Manager Derek Fortini serves as staff support.

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