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Chippewa Update

“He likes to go to  ‘A Growing Business’ and smell the flowers.”

“He likes to go to ‘A Growing Business’ and smell the flowers.”

So, if you haven’t heard Kathy and Brad Fitch’s song about Chippewa, you really need to go to and hear it for yourself. They are truly talented musicians and have wonderfully gifted voices. I am not sure that it will affect all of you the same, but I became a blubbering idiot when I first heard it. Chip seemed to really enjoy the guitar playing and was drawn to the music. It was fun to watch him. Of course there was a camera also and he has become quite the ham.

We have been going on our daily walks. He is doing better each time, once he leaves the sight of the Animal Hospital. Lately he especially likes to go to “A Growing Business” (the greenhouse down the street) and smell the flowers. He is quite good about not eating the flowers. He just likes smelling them. Sue, the owner, has been very good about letting him walk through the greenhouse.

He has come to really love his pellets. Well, let me clarify. He loves the pellets that are similar to his milk formula, which is good because they are a substitute for the milk feedings, (but they are also five times more expensive than regular foal pellets). He does seem to have the taste for the high-life. His brother (his human brother) Nathan has always been that way. We would go to a restaurant and instead of wanting chicken nuggets or grilled cheese, like any other young child, he wants shrimp, prime rib, or mussels. I guess that I shouldn’t complain. His sister, Lexi, only wants pancakes, oatmeal or applesauce, which sometimes is difficult to order at a restaurant. In any case, Chippewa is eating very well and starting to put on weight and build muscle. He still is small for his age and I am not ready to put him out in a pasture until I feel that it is safe enough. I guess that might be how a lot of mothers are feeling in town right now right after graduation. On that note, from myself, my family, my staff, and Chippewa…

Congratulations Estes Park High School graduates!

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