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Chippewa To Walk In The Rodeo Parade

EP NEWS/ Kris Hazelton

EP NEWS/ Kris Hazelton

Little baby Chippewa, the young foal who we have been featuring in the EP News, continues to do well.

According to Dr. Marie Richardson (Dr. C) “In the past two weeks Chip has made much progress. I spoke to an equine nutrition specialist through Purina and we have made some adjustments to his feedings. He has flourished. He is gaining weight and growing in height. We feel that although he may need additional time to “catch up,” he will grow to his full genetically predisposed size. (In other words, he is going to be as big as he was supposed to be).

It takes a horse until they are three-four years old to get to their mature size. Some horses even take longer. The nutritionist felt that he would catch-up by the time he is one-two years old. Interesting enough, when I was listing his previous problems that he has overcome, the nutritionist stopped me and said, “Wait, are we still talking about one horse.” I’ll have to write a quick recap about his problems for the people who have not followed his story but for now, he is virtually problem-free! YEAH!

Until now, I had been transporting him in flat beds, which at this point would not really be safe for him. So, he now has his very own trailer. It is a 1970 trailer but it has been all redone. In fact it looks pretty retro. We have been working on getting him in and out without scaring him. The first day it took about 45 minutes to coax him in but the second day it took about three minutes. Just like everything else it is all about trust.

Make sure that you come see him in the rodeo parade on July 7th. Kathy and Brad Fitch will be performing their new song, “Chippewa” along with us. We are all very excited.”

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