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Chippewa Is Grazing The Yard!

Chip spent most of the week learning how to eat grass. He started grazing a bit last week but this week, he finally got the hang of it. I did break down and mow the front yard to the hospital this week. Ok maybe Mike, my husband, actually did the physical mowing. I think that he may have woken up our neighbor who owns and lives above Appearance Plus. (Sorry Brenda but I am sure that you appreciate the dandelions getting mowed down though.) Chip sure didn’t do his part with helping us get rid of them.

Although I have to say that after we mowed the yard he did even start eating them. You know how the flowering part of the dandelion doesn’t really get cut during mowing and they stick up later? Well, that is why Chippewa finally decided to taste them. He quite likes the flower. It was pretty funny to watch him though. Occasionally he would be eating one and you could tell that another one with the seedpods (the little helicopters) would tickle his nose because he would put his head up and puff out of his nose. Maybe he’ll stop eating my bushes and my aspen trees now. One can only hope. I truly did not originally put the fence up to keep a horse. It was meant to protect the grass…end of that idea!

Chippewa still has his steady stream of visitors and now that the summer residents are back and the tourist numbers are increasing, we have had a lot of people coming in and asking about his story. Physically, he is looking great and starting to build up some muscle. He now looks like a young horse and we have stopped getting phone calls from concerned visitors letting us know that there is a “baby moose” or “baby elk” trapped in our fence.

Once again, thanks to all who have helped with him. We could not have come this far without the community support that we have received!

Editors Note: If you would like to help out Dr. C with some of Chippewa’s medical expenses, you can drop off or mail a donation in care of the Friends of Chippewa Fund to the Animal Hospital of the Rockies, P.O. Box 2897, Estes Park, CO 80517.

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  • Nancy Allen

    I continue to really enjoy the updates from the EPN on Baby Chip. I is just great to see he is doing so well after such a rough start. Thanks to Dr. “C” for a job well done. Needless to say without her and her supportive, loving staff Chip would not be with us.

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