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Chippewa Is Getting Stronger Every Day

Little baby Chippewa, the young foal who was featured in last week’s EP News, continues to make upward progress and is growing every day. According to Dr. Marie Richardson (Dr. C), “Chip is definitely stronger. He still has his some neurological problems but they seem to improve a little each day. He’s now getting goat milk and that has helped him gain weight. I’ve also been giving him plasma the last two days and that is going very well. We’re doing everything possible to get him through this.”

As one might imagine, the supplies and medication needed to treat little Chip are very expensive. Just for the plasma alone, Marie had to spend $600. That combined with his other medications, bandaging, bedding and food, Dr. C has incurred considerable expenses to care for this baby. That doesn’t even take into account the many, many hours given by Dr. C to take care of Chip. But she is 100% dedicated to this little horse and will not give up on him.

If you would like to help out Dr. C with some of Chippewa’s medical expenses, you can drop off or mail a donation to Animal Hospital of the Rockies, P.O. Box 2897, Estes Park, CO 80517. Any size donation would make a difference in the life of this young horse who has such a determined will to live.

Thank you in advance from little Chippewa and Dr. C, and keep watching the EP News for further updates.

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  • olivia reins

    I hope that Chippewa is getting better by the minute and I know the richardson’s going to do a great thing!!!

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