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Chippewa Goes On A Field Trip

“Chip goes to school,” sounds a lot like the title for a children’s book but in fact this week that is exactly what he did. Chippewa took a trip over the elementary school for a visit with the preschoolers, the kindergarteners, and the first graders. Oh and a few curious teachers made their way out to see him also. They had some wonderful questions. Chip really enjoyed their attention. He also took a ride over to the preschool at the YMCA. The ride over to the YMCA was much more pleasant.

I was riding in the trailer with Chip and my husband was driving. Well, as usual, we were running a bit late getting to the elementary school. My husband was not speeding but he wasn’t driving really slowly either. I am sure glad that I was back there helping Chip stay calm and keep his balance. He was doing just fine…I was the one who probably needed the help not him. All in all, the visits went very well.

hip started grazing this week. Now the trick is to let him know that the grass and the dandelions are for him and my bushes and aspen trees are not! I also decided last week that he is a horse and he has to start facing all of the weather elements. So rain or shine he is outside during the day (which hasn’t really helped my grass either…now it is mud). Of course when it hailed last week, I caved in. He did not appreciate the outdoor life at that moment and he is still a baby so Kari, my tech, let him in the reception room. Ohhh and then later when it started raining really hard, I let him in under the porch. Obviously tough love is not my strong point.

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