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Chippewa Gets A “Pedicure!”

Little baby Chippewa, the young foal who we have been featuring in the EP News, continues to great!

According to Dr. Marie Richardson (Dr. C) “Good news! Chip has finally decided to eat pellets. Although he has been eating his hay well, up until this point he has shown no interest in grain or pellets. For this reason, I have been hesitant to completely stop tube feeding him. He needs the extra nutrients for growth. Each time you tube a horse, if there are any problems, you risk pneumonia or even death. I truly have never even heard of a horse having a nasogastric tube passed so any times. Chip actually enjoyed it…well, he enjoyed the instant gratification that the feeding brought. After being fed he would go into what we called a “food coma” (similar to post Thanksgiving dinner). In any case, it is a huge milestone.

Chip also had his first visit from the farrier. He had his visit to the spa for a pedicure. OK, so he didn’t go to the spa. He stayed in his paddock (the front yard) and the farrier came to him. He was very good. A bit ‘off’ when he had his front feet done. Maybe he’s ticklish. I know I act like that when I get a pedicure.

I can’t help it. It tickles. Anyway, his back feet need a bit more work so Clint (the farrier) is going to come back every six weeks so that we can get them corrected. Horses feet are designed with incredible engineering but anytime nutrition is compromised or they don’t walk on them, the design can cause problems. For all that Chip has been through, I am a bit surprised that his feet have not caused us more of a problem. I am certain that with exercise and a few more trims, we’ll have his feet in ship shape. (Do people use that expression anymore?”).

If you would like to help out Dr. C with some of Chippewa’s medical expenses, you can drop off or mail a donation in care of the Friends of Chippewa Fund to the Animal Hospital of the Rockies, P.O. Box 2897, Estes Park, CO 80517.

Thank you and make sure to watch next week’s Estes Park News, we have something very exciting to share with you about little Chippewa!

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