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Changing Lives In The Estes Valley

Investing in Future Community Leaders

Submitted by: the Estes Valley Community Fund Committee of the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado

Did you know that 85% of a person’s intellectual, emotional and cognitive ability is developed by age 5, before children even enter Kindergarten?

Quality childcare has an incredibly important role to play in the growth and development of young children who will become students and future community leaders, yet childcare is truly a community issue as it affects employment, housing, education and many other aspects of community life.

Children who receive quality, consistent childcare are more successful in school, have higher graduation rates, higher employment earnings, less dependency on welfare, and lower crime and delinquency rates. While there is substantial evidence that the early years of life are critical in providing the foundation for how a child will ultimately grow and develop, resources for parent education, facilities for childcare and education, and other needed childhood services are often inadequate due to the difficulty of sustaining funding for quality programs. Fluctuating enrollments and the inability of many families to pay what it cost to deliver quality care creates constant financial pressure on childcare programs. An investment in early childhood care and education helps prevent numerous societal problems. The availability of quality, affordable childcare options attracts and keeps young families in our community.

For a number of years Estes Park has experienced a critical shortage of adequate care for infants, toddlers and school age children in the after-school hours. The childcare shortage has been a contributing factor to the decline in school enrollment as families have moved from the area when unable to get their childcare needs met.

Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success is working with community members and other organizations to try to resolve these shortages. EVICS is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting early childhood care and education for the children and families of the Estes Valley area.  EVICS offers training and resources to licensed childcare providers, information and education to parents, and scholarship assistance to families in need.

The Colorado Childcare Contribution Credit was established to encourage greater support of Colorado childcare programs.  The tax law allows both a federal and Colorado itemized deduction, in addition to a Colorado Qualified Childcare Credit of 50% of the total contribution. As a result, taxpayers realize an income tax savings exceeding 80% of the contribution. This effectively reduces the impact to the taxpayer to less than 20 cents per dollar of donation.

The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado has a Childcare Fund to help taxpayers receive the maximum available tax benefits. After making a tax-deductible gift to the Childcare Fund and earning a 50% tax credit, the donor may advise the Foundation of one or more eligible childcare agencies that could benefit from their contribution including EVICS. For example, your contribution to the EVICS scholarship fund assists both families and childcare providers in the Estes Valley.

Don’t delay! The Childcare Contribution Credit expires in 2009, so make your investment in a child’s future. The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado is available to assist donors who wish to provide funding for Estes Valley charities. Call (970) 224-3462, or visit the web site at
For further information, please feel free to contact Randy Davis, 577-7700; Joe Adair,586-8846; Ludie Dickeson, 586-9409; Barb Marshall; Paul Newendorp, 586-6620; Judy Nystrom, 586-3333; Frank Shavlik, 577-9598; or Eric Waples, 577-1827.

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