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Chamber Re-Energizing With Town’s Full Support

Mayor Bill Pinkham, Town Administrator Jacquie Halburnt and Chamber Treas. Rich Flannery

Mayor Bill Pinkham, Town Administrator Jacquie Halburnt and Chamber Treas. Rich Flannery

By: Kris Hazelton and Rich Flannery

This week, an exciting event took place at Town Hall with Mayor Bill Pinkham, Town Administrator Jacquie Halburnt and Chamber of Commerce Treasurer, Rich Flannery.
The group has been working closely together to solidify the relationship between the Town of Estes Park and the Chamber. They are all working together in a new direction to focus on bringing something to every business in town.

According to Flannery, the Estes Park Chamber of Commerce is now under new leadership, which is working to restructure the Chamber and establish new ways to support Estes valley businesses.

The primary objective of the new leadership over the past few months has been to re-establish lost local partnerships.
Flannery said, “New leadership both at the Chamber and within the Town of Estes Park has allowed us to renew our cooperative effort to promote and support local businesses. Both the Chamber and the Town realize that the more people there are working towards a common goal, the better it will be for the entire community.
The Chamber is collaborating with to bring professional marketing ideas and business opportunities to your businesses. is a powerful resource for fresh marketing tools for your business. This new Chamber resource will expand your marketing opportunities.

The most visible impact of the new relationship with the Town of Estes Park and the new alliance with will be to create more community events and festivals for our town, especially in the off-season.”

Flannery said the Chamber will be more valuable to your business by offering seminars, festivals, events and more which will help your business operate more effectively.
Here are some programs the Chamber has currently planned:

• A business coaching series, such as seminars on business accounting, marketing, and hiring as some examples. The first seminar will be “How to use the       website to maximize your business marketing capabilities.”

• Methods to create more visibility for professional services in town. Each month the Chamber plans to focus on a specified field which will allow current businesses to reintroduce themselves to other businesses and our local residents. Their first month will be October.

• A welcome campaign to help new businesses establish their awareness in Estes Park.

• The Chamber is working to establish relationships with local colleges and universities to provide business classes and internship programs.

• As membership grows, the Chamber is also investigating ways to establish assistance with providing more affordable insurance options for small business owners and their employees.

• Through a collaboration with the Town and to create off-season events, activities and Enjoy Estes Park Festivals. A small sample includes: “Savor A Taste Of Estes” (one day a week for a whole month visiting a number of restaurants for sampler of beer, wine, dinner or dessert) and also a St.Patrick’s Day celebration in March.

• Starting soon “First Friday TGIF” in Estes Park. A monthly event where businesses and local residents can reconnect with each other in a fun, lively and social atmosphere at a specific restaurant. Watch for more details.

• In an effort to encourage participation for all businesses, the Chamber has greatly reduced its annual membership dues from a high of $1,000 to only $59. The Chamber feels this will allow all types of businesses, large and small, new or established, to join and participate in creating a strong support organization for our local businesses.

The Chamber invites all business to become actively involved to promote our local business economic success. For more information on how to sign up and to participate with the Chamber of Commerce you can call 586-4431 or go to the following link:

On the renewed relationship of the Town and the Chamber, Mayor Bill Pinkham stated, “What our town needs is a strong business community and our businesses need this resource to help them, the timing is good now, with fall approaching and our slower months approaching, business owners will have more time to focus on making their business the best it can be.”
Town Administrator Jacquie Halburnt added, “The Chamber will be a valuable resource for all businesses, especially new business owners who will have the Chamber on their side helping them grow and thrive in our town.”

Comments (2)

  • Philip

    The alliance of the Town of Estes Park with the new Chamber of Commerce is an exciting new time for the businesses of Estes Park. The Chamber has many new and innovative ideas that will help ALL businesses in Estes Park. I hope every business takes the time to join in and participate in what the Chamber has to offer.

  • Mark

    I was a member of the Chamber for one year back in 1994 or 5. It was a bust. I (still) have a service business, and there was nothing in it for us. I have longed for a Chamber like other small towns, where the Chamber group supported local small business, and gave them a collective voice. Rich is a level headed guy, so I’m watching closely to see what happens, but can’t jump in with both feet until there’s some track record that isn’t laced with lawsuits and nuts using the organization to fight a personal cause. The alliance with the Town is concerning as well, but time will tell. Do a good job and I’ll be in. Optimistically, I’ll be watching.

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