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Bull Elk Tangles With Swing

This young bull became entangled in the chains of the swings near Stanley Park last week.

Rick Spowart, CDOW Wildlife Manager tranquilized the bull and he, along with members of the Estes Valley Fire Protection District were able to free him from the swing. The bad news was that the elk had been tangled and struggled most of the night and Rick discovered that the bull had actually fractured his skull trying to free himself from the chains. Rick tagged his ears and asked the firefighters to bring a brush truck over so that they could spray him down to cool him off as he had become extremely overheated from the long struggle. After he had cooled down, a drug was administered to wake him up and despite his injury, the elk later walked away.

Bull elk will spar with anything that moves and the Colorado Division of Wildlife urges all residents to please bring in your swings, tetherballs, hammocks, ropes, Christmas lights, anything that an elk may become entangled with and pose a threat to their life.

Rick Spowart would like to thank the Estes Valley Fire Protection District for their help in freeing this elk of the swing and for helping cool him down with the water.

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