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Boy Scouts Now Enjoy Warm Shelter

The treacherous winds this winter season are not only are taking a toll on everyone’s hair, it has also caused problems for our local Boy Scout Troop 8.

When the young men set up their annual tree sale, their sign was standing too close to their tent. One very windy night shortly thereafter, the wind blew over the sign and the sign fell into the tent and ripped it to shreds!

The boy scouts needed shelter in a hurry, its darnright cold standing out there selling trees, especially after sundown.

Tim Hess came up with an idea for a shelter that would be both portable and permanent. He went to his boss and asked if they could donate an old roll off to Troop 8. Then, three of the scout’s fathers pooled their skills to help make it happen.

Bill Cody used his CAD design skills and expertise in carpentry to come up with prints for the building dept. Tim did the metal work and got it ready to be framed. Thom Shafer took care of paint and material aquisition.
Actually, many folks helped in this endeavor, Mark Westover, Kevin Christopher, Waste Management, Estes Park Lumber and the Estes Park Building Dept. all helped in keeping costs down.

Thom Shafer, Bill Cody, Tim Hess and their sons, Forrest, Sean and Josh, framed the new shelter. They put a roof on the top, shingled it and put carpet in it and the final product looks just like a little house. All the work put in to the shelter was well worth it because now and for many years to come, Troop 8 will have a fantastic shelter to work out of when it comes time for the Christmas tree sales.

A big heartfelt, warm thank you to all who helped make this possible!
Merry Christmas!

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