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Bond Park Reconstruction Complete

Mayor Bill Pinkham inserted the very last brick on MacGregor Avenue. EP NEWS/ Gary Hazelton

The Town of Estes Park and its contractor, Cornerstone Construction Concepts of Estes Park, are on schedule to complete the current phases of Bond Park’s redevelopment this week. The Art Market will take place in Bond Park as scheduled May 28-30. Finish work will be finalized in the weeks to come and may require brief traffic and pedestrian adjustments.

Several adjustments were made to accommodate construction. All traffic and pedestrian detours are scheduled to end this week. Elkhorn Avenue sidewalks and the Riverwalk are reopened to pedestrians. Park Lane has reopened. The bus pull-out on Elkhorn Avenue in front of Town Hall will reopen May 26. The utility payment drop box and U.S. Postal Service mailbox will be moved from their temporary locations back to the corner of Park Lane and MacGregor Avenue on May 26.

The 100-block of MacGregor Avenue will reopen May 26. It is now configured to accommodate northbound traffic when no events are occurring. The MacGregor Avenue entrance to the Town Hall parking lot, near the Police Department, has reopened.

The parking lot between Range Realty and Wynbrier establishments is expected to reopen May 26. It has been closed as the contractor installs the storm sewer and completes the parking lot with a new concrete sidewalk, new asphalt and striping. In the meantime, business parking is available to the west in the East Riverside parking lot near Dairy Queen.

Bond Park Redevelopment Background

Included in the current phases of Bond Park’s redevelopment were the reconstruction of the 100-block of MacGregor Avenue adjacent to the park. It accommodates approximately 50 event tents on a new hard surface while maintaining public parking and accommodating one-way northbound traffic when there are no events. Parking spaces and the sidewalk along Park Lane have been reconstructed to accommodate approximately 30 more event tents. Until further phases are developed, some additional tents can still be placed on the grassy area of Bond Park. Both phases include infrastructure improvements to lighting and electrical, irrigation and drainage systems. The design schematic is available at

The Bond Park Master Plan recommended dividing the project into a series of six possible phases so that the Town can complete design and construction as funding becomes available. Due to their importance in laying the groundwork for future improvements, phases one (MacGregor Avenue) and three (Park Lane) were recommended in the Master Plan as the first steps in completing the project. For 2011 construction of these phases, the Town budgeted $500,000 from its Larimer County Open Space Fund, which is comprised of Estes Park’s share of the one-quarter of one percent sales tax collected by Larimer County specifically for trails and open space. Additional funding comes from the Town’s Community Reinvestment Fund.

In 2009, the Town initiated a process to consider a redesign of Bond Park in an effort to make it a more user-friendly space for residents and visitors. The process included online public voting, community forums, stakeholder meetings, a public survey, focus group interviews with representatives from the community, and a digital design charrette incorporating ideas into a three-dimensional computerized model of Bond Park. The resulting Bond Park Master Plan was adopted by the board in February of 2010. It provides recommendations for the Town to consider as it moves forward with work in Bond Park.

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