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Board Of Trustees To Hear Proposed Changes To Development Code

To The Editor:
On April 28, 2009, the Estes Park Board of Trustees will hear a first reading of proposed changes to the development code in regard to accessory dwelling units. Although not part of the current changes being presented to the Board by the Planning Commission, there was a strong effort below to allow detached accessory dwelling units on many lots in Estes Park. It was proposed that these could be rental units.

This proposal could very well raise its ugly head again before the Board.

If such a proposal were adopted, then many of us could expect our neighbors to construct another building on their lot to gain additional income. When we bought our homes, we looked to the zoning code for protection. If we bought in a single family zoned community, then we bought with the expectation that it remain a single family community. The same is true, if we bought in an area zoned for 1/2 acre lots or larger. The point is that we bought with the expectation that our living environment would remain as expected and protected by the zoning code.

If the Board were to entertain and adopt an amendment allowing such detached accessory dwelling units, much protection we expect and deserve from the zoning code will be lost. I therefore urge all of you, who care, to be present and be heard before the Board of Trustees.

David M. Schultz
Estes Park, CO

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