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Big Thompson Canyon Flood Memorial Committee Gives Thanks

What would our world be like without volunteers? There is not enough acknowledgement or appreciation for all they do. A volunteer, unselfishly donates their time because they have a big hearts. Being a volunteer does something to you that you cannot explain. If you have never been a volunteer, put it at the top of your list of things to do this year. There are many places you can volunteer in our community, and the rewards are the greatest!

The Big Thompson Canyon Flood Memorial would like to thank the volunteers at The Estes Park Community Thrift Shop, Inc. A special thank you to Dottie, whose passion, became a reality, which without her this Thrift Shop would not exist. Items are donated, then sold, allowing the Thrift Shop to give back to the community, by distributing the profits to many entities. Then that entity in turn donates to someone else, completing a full circle.

We want to thank you for the generous donation to The Flood Memorial Scholarship Fund. This allows more scholarships to be awarded to the grandchildren or great grandchildren, who lost their grandparent(s) in the Flood of 1976.

If you know of someone that this may apply to, ask them to go to our web site at and click on the scholarship program or write to P.O. Box 144, Drake, CO 80515.

The next time you visit or take donated items to the Estes Park Community Thrift Shop located at 1000 Big Thompson Ave. on Hwy. 34 be sure to thank a volunteer.

We sincerely thank you!
The Big Thompson Canyon Flood       Memorial Inc.

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