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Beware Of Phone Scam

To the Editor:

About a month ago I received a telephone call. The voice sounded like one of my many grandsons. I became alarmed when this voice said, “Hello Grandma, I’m in a little trouble and wondered if you could help me?” I really thought it was one of the kids so asked “What’s wrong and where are you?”
What followed was very disturbing. The voice went on to say that he was in Canada for the weekend, got into trouble, drinking and driving and that he had an accident with the rental car. He said, “They won’t let me leave the country until I pay the money I owe.” I asked if he had called his Mom or Dad and he said no because, “You know how she gets over the phone. I’ll tell her when I get home and I’ll pay you back Grandma as soon as I get back.”

By now several things didn’t seem right but I kept asking questions because I just wasn’t sure this was a real problem.

Next, I asked how much money he was talking about…$2,500.00! I immediately said that I didn’t have that kind of money and I had no idea how to handle the situation. Then I asked where he was. He said he was at the police station. I asked to speak to a policeman. No one was there! The plot was thickening. I then said, I have to talk to your Grandpa and I have to call your Dad. The telephone went dead.

I did call his Dad because I needed to check and see if this child was home where he belonged, which he was!

In the mean time, the phone rang again and it was the same voice. I told him I was talking to his Dad and the phone went dead (for good).

At this point I knew that I was the recipient of a telephone scam aimed at grandparents. I called the FBI in Denver. They took the information and then referred me to the Canadian Fraud Line. I again gave them all the the information. From both of these offices I found out that calls of this kind are rampant these days and the only way to protect ourselves is to spread the word, so, I have been, to any and all who will listen. I am hoping that you will do the same!

Lee Ann Baldwin

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