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AWC Support Letter

Dear Editor:

The verbal combat that has ensued between those who favor the sale of Lot 4 for the use of a business-saving, substantial economic stimulus for all the non-retired among us, and the hastily concocted group known by the unimaginative name “Friends of Lot 4” who oppose the sale of Lot 4 is distressing to those of us more able to achieve balance in our thinking. It is distressing because the “Friend’s” argument is based upon one critical, but false premise…their claim Lot 4 is a visual treasure that should not be sacrificed in the name of economic development, no matter its benefit to the greatest good to the greatest number. It is, according to their logic, so valuable a visual treasure that it is worth the unrecoverable LOSS of millions of dollars to our community! They are actually serious in suggesting the people of Estes Park should ignore the multi-million dollar financial windfall we all will gain in favor of the view.

First, let us get one thing clear…Lot 4 is NOT an esthetic treasure. I have stunning news…Lot 4 is pretty much ugly as mountain lots go”Lot 4 rates a soft “3″ on a comparative scale of a best “10.” So, when the “Friends” try using the esthetic argument it is, to put it kindly, disingenuous. In fact, one can view the same scenery from the entrance to the dump, from the front door of Safeway, from gasoline pumps on Hwy. 7, from the high school entrance, from the public toilets in Confluence Park, and from a thousand front doors of homes and businesses anywhere in the valley.

In short, there is absolutely nothing unique about the view from Lot 4, and most certainly, nothing to justify the sacrifice of millions of dollars in the public coffer. If this is the best argument these “friends of rocks and weeds” can muster, then they simply have to let it go.

I lived on Findley Court for two years, and drove past Lot 4 numerous times daily. I can report unequivocally the view of Lot 4 is comparatively disagreeable. Anyone who has personally examined Lot 4 knows that The “Friends of Lot 4″ are being downright deceitful. The photo used on their website has conveniently cropped the left side in order to exclude the most obvious, esthetically unappealing aspect of Lot 4…the beige, massive, painted, cinderblock rear of Upper Stanley Village and Safeway. Now that is truly a view worth preserving in perpetuity! Anyone of sound judgment and gifted with a modicum of common sense can possibly find it reasonable to vote in favor of a referendum to keep Lot 4 a vacant, weed-strewn lot… one that we, the taxpayers, and our children and our children’s children will have to pay maintenance and expensive liability insurance on FOREVER. So instead of the public gaining millions, we will be paying millions to preserve a stunning view of cement block walls. You have to admit, that is just plain stupid.

Furthermore, if you check the addresses of most of our “Friends” of Lot 4, you’ll see they live very close to Lot 4. So, did think they’d purchase a home between the largest commercial properties in Estes Park without potential risk? We’ve all heard the stories about people who build next to an airport, then complain of the noise pollution. Or those who build next to the feed lot, then complain about the odor. Frankly, I don’t think our hospital, our town and entire community should pay in perpetuity in order to compensate them for their poorly considered real estate choices.

Some people are always on the wrong side of an issue; this time, the Friends of Lot 4 most certainly are.

Dr. Bert Berglund


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