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Auditions For Repertoire Theater Production Of “The Imaginary Invalid”

Cast call for the 2nd play in the 2009 season of the Estes Park Repertoire Theatre Company is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. Monday, March 16th. Reads and initial blocking starts Tuesday, March 17th.

The casting call and rehearsals will be held at Hemple Hall on the YMCA campus.

EPRTC’s forthcoming play is: “The Imaginary Invalid” by Moliére. This three Act farce pokes unabashed fun at the medical profession, apothecaries, hypochondriacs, and dysfunctional families. We will produce the play in more modern dress and times.

There are eight male and four female actors. The male and female leads are Argan and Toinette. Secondary leads with much less dialogue are Angelica and Beline for the ladies and Dr. Diaforus, Beralde and Cleante for the men. Supporting cast members are Louise for the ladies and Bonnefoy, Thomas, The Apothecary and Dr. Purgon for the men. All characters are potential “scene stealers.”

A preview script is posted at the Library front counter. If you have questions about any role or the play in general please email Art Blume at

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