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Are You An Old Timer??

Andy Anderson came to Estes Park on June 6, 1935 for a summer job. Fifty years later in the 80s, his wife Marty, co-founded (with Erma Crowley and the Cliff Johnson’s) what we now call “The Old Timer’s Club.”

For the past twenty-eight years, we have met every other Saturday at 10 a.m. for breakfast at various restaurants. Our membership has grown from the original four to thirty-five with over a hundred deaths or move-aways in between. For over ten years, we have stayed with The Other Side Restaurant for exclusive rights to their Aspen Room and staying open year round.

To qualify for membership, an Old Timer was a business owner or resident in the time frame from 1910 through 1960. As these numbers slowly declined from natural attrition, their children filled in the gaps. Consequently, the membership stayed at the same level which is as it should be since most of them were born here. They are our “Younger Old Timers.”

old-timers-estes-sceneIn 1998 Don Bowen suggested that we have one day each spring as a homecoming. Invite all of our alumnae wherever they may be and surprisingly, the turnout was over 80 which over crowded the Senior Center!

In 1999 we tried it at the Visitor’s Center and over 100 attended. Now we do this every first Saturday in June. June 1st is this year’s date and we will have the main dining room at The Other Side Restaurant at 10 a.m.

With this information, we are asking you to join us and, more importantly, to contact anyone who might want to experience a nostalgic homecoming with old friends. We order off the menu and pay as you leave. We conclude by noon.

Obviously, we need a count for the restaurant. Please call Ray Sahm at 586-5077 or Jody Magnuson at 586-4184 or Katharine Lockwood at 586-1602 to make your reservation.

Information will be relayed to the restaurant and we look forward to a great celebration!


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