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Another Worthwhile Phone Scam Warning

To the Editor:

The December 5 issue of the E.P. News  contained a letter from local resident Lee Ann Baldwin entitled, “Beware of Phone Scam.” She described receiving a phone call from a young man identifying himself as her grandson who was in Canada on a last-minute weekend lark. The connection was poor, but the caller purported to be in trouble with Canadian police due to an accident with a rental car where alcohol was involved. Afraid to call his parents, he asked “Grandma” to wire him a few thousand dollars to pay fines and car repair costs so he could return home.

We are writing to indicate that we had an almost identical experience a few weeks ago. As in Ms. Baldwin’s case, after getting over the initial shock and concern, we asked the caller a few carefully chosen questions (which any of our grandsons could have answered). Our caller was soon revealed to not be any of our grandsons.

We have since learned that this attempted scam is being experienced, not only in Estes Park, but elsewhere across the U.S.  Be very cautious when receiving phone requests to send money!

Lynn and Bob Young
Estes Park, CO

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  • Ex telemarketer

    I heard that scammers sometimes go further and first contact the ‘grandson’ by phone (they call to ‘conduct a survey’ or a job interview) and carefully ask some questions. Then they use the information when calling the ‘grandparents’ to sound more credible. Scammers also get information from social networking websites and online services that list family trees.

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