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Another Trolley Arrives

Wayne and Sharon Groome have done it again and purchased another rubber-tire trolley. In March of 2011, the Groomes bought a 1977 Minibus trolley, which became know as “Herbie” in memory of their friend Herb Siddle. The trolley was a hit and appeared in parades, car shows and festivals. It was just a fun vehicle for the Groomes, who sold it early this year to a group in Manhattan, Kansas.

This past Friday, the Groomes had a little 1996 Cable Car Concepts trolley delivered to replace “Herbie.” It holds 17 passengers, has a wheelchair lift and air conditioning and is powered by a 454 Chevy gas engine. This trolley is adorable. Sharon says this trolley is feminine, whereas “Herbie” was big and masculine. After much consideration, we have named this one “Trolley Parton.” When it is cleaned up and has had a few mechanical things addressed, you will see it around town.

Wave when you see it, we promise to wave back.

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