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An Update On Little Chippewa

In the past few weeks, Chip has been growing like a weed. He is starting to fill out and he is beginning to shed his winter/foal coat. I still think that he will end up being a grey horse but only time will tell.

Chip got his first outdoor bath. He had a bath everyday when he was younger because of his pressure sores but they were always in the dog bathtub with warm water. He had his first Estes Park cold-water hose bath and he did not totally appreciate the cool refreshing aspect of it. A very skilled young equestrian, Annabelle Regan and a friend of hers had the honor (or chore) of trying to bathe the young colt that did not want to have anything to do with that cold water…but they got it done and he looked great. He had to look great because he was entered in the Rodeo Parade!

If you didn’t see the rodeo parade this year, you missed a great show. Thanks to the EP Rodeo Committee, the parade was a huge success. Chip even joined in with Della, Dr. Moak’s horse. He walked behind a banner that was graciously made and given to Chip by Mark Igel. It read, “Thanks Estes Park…..Chippewa.” Ok, so most people saw him riding in a trailer, not walking. He started the parade walking and really enjoyed the other horses that were standing with him at the line-up.

Unfortunately, when he saw all the people and fuss going on downtown he wanted to stop and investigate everything before proceeding. This technique is fine when we go on our nature walks but for the parade…well let’s just say that traffic would be have been held up until the following day. So we loaded him in his limo and he rode the rest of the way. I must say that I didn’t mind riding versus walking. Paula and I had to stay with him in the trailer to “keep him calm” while Kari, Olivia (Kari’s daughter), Nathan, Lexi, and Linda Moak walked the entire parade route and it was hot. What a sacrifice that Paula and I had to make! All in all, it was a great day.

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